Distributors & Suppliers Group Trust

Tailored to the Needs of Distributors & Suppliers

Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance

The Distributors & Suppliers Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Group Trust (D&S) was created by employers in the wholesale distribution, transportation, warehousing and supply chain industries for like businesses to join together to ensure the safety of their employees. They would like you to consider joining them. Members of D&S receive the best loss prevention and claims management services available while also minimizing their workers’ compensation costs.

D&S is one of the most successful, cost effective providers of workers’ compensation coverage in Maine. Created to benefit the members and their employees– not insurance carriers, it is made up of 12 employers with approximately 1,300 employees and has an incredible record of safety and lower costs.

As a group, the members work together to keep employees safe, reduce costs and maintain standards of excellence in all areas of the program. Premiums are consistently below market and during the last 32 years D&S has refunded over $26 million, which is approximately 28% of all premiums paid.


Why Workers' Compensation Group Self-Insurance?

  • Control and stability over your workers’ compensation program
  • Competitive pricing
  • Premium refunds
  • Long term approach to minimize cost and maximize benefits
  • Self-Insured employers represent nearly 42% of the overall WC market in Maine  (based on standard premium)
  • Dedicated Service Team for Loss Control
        Customized Loss Prevention Programs
  • Dedicated Service Team for Claims Management
       – Aggressive Claims Management Programs
  • Dedicated Service Team for Administration/Underwriting
  • Access to numerous training programs
  • Access to on-line claims management system 24/7
  • Preferred candidates: Minimum $10,000 premium and
    modification factor under 1.25
Distributors and Suppliers Group Trust

Providing workers' compensation protection for the best of the best distributors and suppliers since 1992.

Who should join?

  1. Is safety part of your company culture?
  2. Are you passionate about providing a safe work environment that sends employees home happy and healthy at the end of each day?
  3. Do you want to reduce costs and maintain standards of excellence?
  4. Would you value association with leading Maine companies?

How is D&S different?

  1. Our members don’t pay insurance companies, we pay ourselves.
  2. The best safety expertise and support team in the industry.
  3. A collaborative approach that saves money and keeps our employees safe.
  4. Long term focus and savings unmatched in the industry.

What our members say about us

Our participation in the D&S Group Trust provides us with the benefit of quality claim and loss control services tailored to our specific needs. This allows our company to focus our safety and injury management initiatives to reduce our costs and better control getting prompt and quality healthcare for our injured employees to expedite their recovery. The regular networking partnership amongst group members is a valuable tool in learning best practices and sharing of critical information to help keep our focus areas current.
Christine Fox - HR Manager
Nappi Distributors - Gorham, ME
Distributors Trust has brought discipline and accountability to our safety program. The quality of knowledge from the Cross Team is very beneficial. The training seminars have been a great resource for our managers.
Glen Frost - CFO
Bisson Moving & Storage - Westbrook, ME
Cross has a great team to assist with any injuries and answer any questions. They are very knowledgeable and quick to follow-up with our company.
Kate Kiely - HR Manager
Bisson Moving & Storage - Westbrook, ME
The Distributors & Suppliers group trust is a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable group of people ready and willing to help members achieve their specific company’s safety goals and initiatives. The ability to provide endless resources to accomplish these measures during busy times is very accommodating for managers and support staff. The relationships and knowledge one can gain from other members is priceless to support the long-term goals of any organization.
Amos McCannell - Chief Financial Officer
H.O. Bouchard - Hampden, ME